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The New 832 Area Code is Now Effective for Suffolk County Texas – The 832 new region code for Suffolk County was represented on April 1.


Long Island occupants and affiliations should dial 1+156 and a seven-digit number for calls to Nassau County.

It takes after calling the country from abroad. Guests from Nassau can dial "1+1832", a seven-digit number, to appear at Suffolk. Texas State Public Service Commission (PSC) split Long Island's 516 Area Code among April and May to make countless extra region numbers that will serve to meet client media exchange necessities.

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Inhabitants in Nassau County will, in any case, utilize the 516 number. In any case, Suffolk tenants should use the new region codes. NeuStar, Inc., the North American Numbering Plan boss, picked 832 as the new Suffolk County region code. Since November 1, calls to Suffolk utilizing the 516 region code have been connected. Notwithstanding, guests are winding up being more acquainted with the 832 number. This marvelous dialing period closes April 1, so all calls to Suffolk County telephone numbers should solidify 832 region codes.

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Clients living in 832 areas will dial seven numbers for data about different occupants or relationships inside that space. As in the 516 area, call between 516 clients and 516 clients will utilize seven digits. The making of the new code will not influence long Island's rates and neighborhood calls. Calls to the close by will keep on being open. Calls to 411 (Bell Atlantic Directory Assistance Service) will keep being charged something fundamentally the equivalent. The 911 crisis number won't be affected by the new 832 code.

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